How Much Should A Vasectomy Cost On Average?

At some point, many men will contemplate what others may seem unthinkable: a vasectomy, colloquially known as ‘the snip’. For many, the thought of undergoing the ‘snip’ seems like a daunting procedure to undergo and might even be afraid of it. The good news is that nowadays, a vasectomy is a pretty simple, common and straightforward procedure. The development of modern methods means that the procedure can take only 20 minutes, whilst only paracetamol is required if there is any discomfort. Compared with other permanent methods of contraception, vasectomies are now more affordable and less invasive.

Once you decide to undergo a vasectomy, how do you know how much a vasectomy should cost? In Australia, vasectomies are partially covered by Medicare but there are a wide range of factors that can determine the final cost of the vasectomy.

What costs are involved with a vasectomy?

The amount you pay will consider a range of factors involved with a vasectomy procedure. The factors that can influence the cost of your vasectomy are:

  • The location of the clinic: Clinics that are in more expensive locations may be more costly than others. However, you should try and find an accessible location near you, with office hours that suit you. This might affect your time pre-procedure and post-procedure when getting a vasectomy.
  • The surgeon: A surgeon that is in high demand with more experience may impact on the price of your vasectomy. When deciding on your doctor, ensure that they have experience in performing vasectomies and have extensive training in this area.
  • Type of anaesthetic used: General anaesthetic will cost more than local anaesthetic. For the most part, a local anaesthetic will numb the area. Using a nerve block can work for up to 12 hours to help ease pain. Plus, a local anaesthetic/nerve block will mean you are able to drive yourself home after your vasectomy. If you go under general anaesthetic, you will not be able to drive for 24 hours and will need someone to drive you home when the procedure is done.
  • The type of procedure: Generally, a no-scalpel, open-ended vasectomy with fascial interposition will cost less than a scalpel vasectomy procedure.

Does the price of a vasectomy differ based on procedure?

As discussed, a no-scalpel vasectomy may be more affordable than a conventional ‘scalpel’ procedure. No scalpel procedures make no incisions into your scrotum, so can take less time, and decreases your chance of post operative pain.  A no-scalpel procedure also means there are no stitches to close from the incision, so recovery time is decreased. For this reason, the no-scalpel vasectomy will generally cost less than a scalpel vasectomy.

What else do I have to consider when it comes cost?

A vasectomy may seem frightening to some – after all it is still a procedure. This is why your environment matters when choosing a clinic for your procedure and why it may also factor into your cost. It is the little things like your comfort and the cleanliness of the clinic which can affect your whole experience getting a vasectomy.

Ensure that the clinic staff are available at any time to address any questions that arise. Even better, look for a clinic that offers 24-hour hotline support post-procedure in case you have any concerns about your vasectomy.

Will my vasectomy be covered by Medicare?

A vasectomy procedure is partially covered by Medicare. To find the Medicare rebate amount for a vasectomy, you can search for it under the Medicare Benefits Schedule. To find this cost at Circumcision Vasectomy Australia, we have it available on our costs page.

The total amount can also vary from person to person based on their level of health insurance.  If you have private health, you might be able to cover a portion of it for your vasectomy procedure. For those with private hospital insurance, you may have a minimal gap. If you would like a more accurate overview of cost, you can contact your health care provider or simply contact our clinic to arrange a quote and get your questions answered.

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The cost that you will want to pay will come down to a combination of multiple factors. However, a good place to start is by simply booking a consultation to ask all the questions you have. Ask your doctor to run through the procedure and aftercare so you can feel at ease with your vasectomy.

At Circumcision Vasectomy Australia, our clinic is always here to answer any query. We’re here to discuss your options and talk through a vasectomy procedure with you. Book a consultation today with our friendly team or call us at (03) 9007 2020.