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What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is the name of a surgical procedure which makes men sterile and is the most efficient contraceptive method. After the operation, sperm can no longer mix with semen.

There are different techniques to perform a vasectomy. However, the No Scalpel method offers a less invasive procedure with quicker recovery and minimal discomfort.

Why choose to have a vasectomy with us?

Minimal discomfort

We perform vasectomy procedures with minimal discomfort by using a nerve block.

20 mins

The procedure is simple, quick, and with minimal discomfort, taking only 20 minutes.

24hr aftercare

We provide all our patients access to our 24 hour hotline to address any concerns. 

How do we perform a vasectomy?

We perform simple, quick, minimally invasive vasectomy procedures with minimal discomfort.

We snip two tubes. These tubes are called vas deferens. 

These tubes are the highway your sperm takes on it’s way to the outside world. We seal off one end of the tubes & bury them over two different layers in the scrotum. The procedure is then complete. 

Sperm makes up only 5% of ejaculate fluid. Therefore, you will continue to produce ejaculate fluid. Just no sperm will make its way out with no impact on your sexual function. 

No Scalpel Vasectomy

What to expect after a No Scalpel Vasectomy

Post care on the first week after the procedure

Post care after the second week

Considering a vasectomy?

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Still have questions? We've got the answers.

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a procedure which renders a man infertile.

How is a vasectomy completed?

The vas deferens is the highway which sperm travel through to reach their end destination.

In a vasectomy the highway is snipped stopping the sperm from progressing into the outside world.

Is a vasectomy reversible?

Reversing a vasectomy is very difficult.

If you have any thoughts of reversing a vasectomy this procedure is not for you.

How long does a vasectomy take?

The consultation takes 20 minutes.

The vasectomy takes 20 minutes.

We keep you a further 20 minutes in the clinic post a vasectomy to make sure you are ok.

In total expect to spend 1 hour with us.

How do I prepare for my vasectomy?

Bring tight fitting underwear. This is important and we expect you to wear this over the next 48 hours. You can always change into a new tight fitting underwear after 24 hours.

Please make sure you shave your scrotum the day before the procedure. A hairy scrotum increases the risk of an infection.

When can I resume usual activities?

You can drive home on the day of the procedure.

No lifting more than 3kg for the first 24 hours post a vasectomy.

You can resume work within 2 days of having a vasectomy provided your work does not involve heavy lifting.

No vigorous heavy lifting for 4 weeks post a vasectomy.

No contact sport for 4 weeks.

Does a vasectomy hurt?

No, a vasectomy should not hurt.

We block the pain pathway to the brain by using a nerve block. 

You may have discomfort after this block wears off in 12 hours. This can be managed with Paracetamol.

Can I ejaculate after a vasectomy?

Yes you can ejaculate after a vasectomy.

Less than 5% of ejaculate is made out of sperm.

Most ejaculate comes from the prostate gland & seminal vesicles.

We snip the vas deferens early in the highway and therefore you will not notice a difference in your ejaculate volume.

What does afterecare involve post a vasectomy?

Aftercare is simple. Our doctors will go through aftercare with you on the day of the procedure.

In addition to this,  we provide all our patients access to our 24 hour hotline to address any concerns. 

When can I have sex post a vasectomy?

The procedure does not work immediately. The sperm can be hidden in the tubes past the sight at which we blocked their pathway to the outside world for 3 months.

You can commence having sex in 1 week but this must only be protected sex.

In 3 months we advise you have a sperm test to ensure the procedure is a success. Only then you can resume to have unprotected sex.

Our success rate is 99%. This is consistent with the medical industry and we pride ourselves in ensuring you obtain continuity of care by testing your sperm count in 3 months to make sure you are no longer fertile.


What is the cost of a vasectomy?

This depends on whether you have access to Medicare.

For Medicare card holders

    • $390 out of pocket

Non Medicare card holders

    • $723

Do I need a referral?

No referral is required.

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