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How To Choose The Right Provider For Adult Circumcision

While circumcision is more common for infants and children, there are benefits to having the procedure as an adult. Adult circumcision can treat conditions such as phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, lichen sclerosis and balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO).  

Phimosis occurs when the foreskin cannot pull back over the penis, resulting in uncomfortable tightness, inflammation, scarring, and infection. Balanitis develops when the head of the penis becomes inflamed and swollen. Lichen sclerosis, which is also known as BXO, increases the chances of developing penile cancer by 5-10%. Circumcision is proven to treat these conditions. In the case of BXO circumcision is proven to significantly decrease the chances of developing penile cancer. 

The World Health Organization also reports that the risk of contracting HIV during vaginal sex is 60 per cent lower in people who are circumcised. There are also lower risks when it comes to contracting herpes, human papillomavirus (HPV), and syphilis.  

Adult circumcision also prevents the occurrence of smegma, a buildup of oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells that accumulates under the foreskin and can lead to balanitis.  

While it is a relatively simple procedure, there are still risks, which is why it’s important to choose a circumcision doctor who is experienced and attentive.  

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right circumcision doctor. You should take the time to research different providers to ensure your circumcision doctor is someone you trust to perform the procedure safely and correctly.  

You may also take into consideration the method the circumcision doctor uses, whether the clinic offers aftercare, the cost of the procedure, and the anaesthetic used. Booking a consultation with the clinic can help you to find out more. 

Research circumcision methods 

There are a few methods for circumcision doctors to choose from. Different clinics will offer different methods, so researching into the different types of procedures can help you choose your circumcision doctor.  

Conventional circumcision  

A scalpel is used to remove the foreskin in the conventional method. Your circumcision doctor will make an incision around the base of the foreskin to remove it. The skin remaining is then stitched together with dissolvable stitches.  

Shang Ring 

The Shang Ring, which is a disposable device, is placed around the foreskin. The Shang Ring device has two rings: an inner ring with a silicone band, and an outer, hinged ring. The foreskin is placed between these two rings, and the Shang Ring is tightened to cut off blood flow to the foreskin. 

The foreskin will be removed, and you will have to return to the clinic in one week so your circumcision doctor can remove the Shang Ring. This method requires no sutures and results in less blood loss, lower complications, better cosmetic appearance, and less operation pain. 

Laser circumcision  

This is a newer method where a laser is used to remove the foreskin. Because the laser cauterises the tissue as it cuts, there is less blood loss. This method can also be less painful than conventional circumcisions.  

Once you decide which method you would prefer for your procedure, you can research clinics which offer this operation.  

At Circumcision Vasectomy Australia, our circumcision doctors use the Shang Ring method because of the lower intraoperative pain score, lower risk of complications, and lower bleeding rate. This method also has less intraoperative blood loss and a lower risk of infection, with both occurring at a rate of less than 1%.  

The Shang Ring method has a short operating time of 10 minutes and patients also report higher satisfaction with the cosmetic result. 

Consider the costs involved 

While researching for your circumcision doctor, it’s a good idea to look at how much the clinic charges for the procedure.  

If you are undertaking the operation for medical or preventative health reasons, it is partially covered by Medicare. This means that if you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or an Australian permanent resident, you may be eligible for a rebate.  

At Circumcision Vasectomy Australia, our procedures for adult circumcision cost $1,421 with a Medicare rebate of $226, bringing the out-of-pocket price to $1,195 (at the time of writing this article).  

Depending on your coverage, you may be able to claim the operation through your private health fund. You should contact your private health insurance provider to learn more about whether your policy covers the operation, and any out-of-pocket costs required.  

Choose an experienced circumcision doctor  

Choosing a circumcision doctor with experience and expertise can result in less complications and a smoother operation. You may want to research into the circumcision doctors available at different clinics to ensure your doctor is well-versed in performing adult circumcisions.  

Dr. Shehab Abdalla is our main operating doctor at Circumcision Vasectomy Australia. He has been practicing for almost 10 years and has completed Specialist General Practice training, alongside two Diplomas. Dr. Abdalla specialises in circumcision and has performed numerous procedures over 10 years.  

Search for a clinic which offers aftercare   

Aftercare is an important part of your adult circumcision. While the procedure is relatively safe, complications may occur with post-operative pain or infection. Having access to your circumcision doctor post-operation can give you peace of mind.  

At Circumcision Vasectomy Australia, we offer a 24-hour hotline for any concerns you may have after your procedure.  

Choose Circumcision Vasectomy Australia for your circumcision doctor 

At Circumcision Vasectomy Australia, our circumcision doctors are experienced, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your procedure. We make the experience of adult circumcision easy, safe, and comfortable. Book a consultation to learn more about our procedures and schedule your circumcision.