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Why CVA?

Minimal discomfort

We perform two different circumcision methods that offer minimal discomfort to patients.

10 mins

The circumcision procedures are simple, quick, and with minimal discomfort, taking only 10 minutes.

24hr aftercare

We provide all our patients access to our 24 hour hotline to address any concerns. 

How a circumcision is performed

Our team of circumcision doctors, headed by Dr. Shehab Abdalla, perform three methods – Gomco, Plastibell and Shang Ring – depending on age.

Circumcision Methods

Gomco Method

gomco clamp method circumcision

Bell Method

Bell Method for Circumcision

Shang Ring Method

shang ring circumcision method

Reasons you might get circumcised

  • Treatment of foreskin associated conditions, such as phimosis (adhesion of foreskin and penile glans), paraphimosis (a medical emergency), balanitis (penile glans infection or inflammation), sexually transmitted diseases
  • Painful sexual intercourse secondary to foreskin
  • Prophylactic benefits such as decreased risk of HIV
  • Minimises the risk of penile cancer
  • Personal and sexual preference
  • Social and religious concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

For what reasons might an adult/male choose to get circumcised?

A circumcision is a personal choice with personal reasons. A man doesn’t need to have a

medical reason to have a circumcision. This decision should be made based on information, personal preference, religious and cultural beliefs. Our circumcision procedure is available for both children and men in our Melbourne clinic.

How long is the recovery time?

Though individual healing may differ, full anatomical healing can take up to 6 weeks. For babies under two it could take two weeks for healing and for older children it can take around 3 weeks.

Should I be aware of any risks associated with a circumcision?

The most common risks associated with circumcision is bleeding and infection. After the procedure you’ll have access to our Melbourne clinic’s 24-hour hotline if you have any concerns. Your circumcision doctor will run through aftercare following the procedure.

Is there an age limit for circumcision procedure?

There’s no age limit for circumcision. Our doctors perform this procedure from all age groups – from birth to the elderly

Can circumcision help prevent cancer?

There is evidence to support that circumcision can lower the risk of penile cancer.

Find out more about circumcisions by contacting our friendly team or booking a consultation with us now. We are happy to answer any queries you have so you can be more informed about the procedure.