How to find a trusted doctor for your circumcision in Melbourne?

Adult circumcision is more common than we think. Men seek circumcision for various reasons, such as medical, sexual, religious/cultural and/or for cosmetic reasons. 

Circumcision is scientifically known to relieve pain, cure and prevent a range of medical conditions, such as bacterial infections, phimosis, balanoposthitis and penile cancer amongst others.  

So if you are planning to undergo circumcision as an adult, firstly – you are not the only one and it is absolutely normal.  

Secondly, did you know the circumcision procedure is covered by Medicare if completed for medical reasons or completed for preventative health reasons? All Australian citizens and permanent residents can claim a rebate of up to $226 on their medical bills. 

Thirdly, it is vital to research and find a good circumcision doctor who can not only perform the procedure but also offer you appropriate guidance for pre and post-care. 

You will require a qualified and experienced professional to ensure your procedure takes place with minimal discomfort. 

So how can you find a trusted circumcision doctor in Melbourne? 

Step One – Ask Around in Your Community! 

The best way to find out about a good and trusted circumcision doctor is from someone who has had firsthand experience. Enquire within your community for recommendations from your friends, family or colleagues who have undergone the procedure. 

Additionally, looking up reviews and patient testimonials online is a sure-shot way to find out about reliable and trustworthy circumcision doctors and clinics. While Google reviews are quite comprehensive, you can also look up healthcare-specific online forums for an added layer of satisfaction such as RateMDs and Doctify. 

Another way to curate a list of reliable circumcision doctors is by asking your regular  General Practitioner for some recommendations within or close to your suburb. 

There are also some specialised clinics in and around Melbourne, offering tailored services for adult men. With over four different branches across Melbourne, Circumcision Vasectomy Australia is a highly-rated specialised clinic offering Circumcision and Vsectomy to everyone, from adult males to newborn babies.  

Step Two – Conduct the Due Diligence 

Once you have a sufficient list of recommendations from all around, it’s time to conduct independent research and verify some of the feedback you have received. 

Adult circumcisions are  carried out by Urologists, General Surgeons and experienced General Practitioners. It is  helpful to verify credentials online to confirm whether the doctor is board-certified in urology or general surgery. Such information can be easily verified from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency’s website. 

Additionally, find a doctor with sufficient experience in performing adult circumcision – both in terms of years and number of procedures done. The more extensive their experience is, the more skilled they are likely to be in performing a circumcision. 

Dr. Shehab Abdalla at Circumcision Vasectomy Australia has trained under some of the best specialists in the field and is known to complete circumcisions and vasectomies with minimal discomfort and invasion. 

Step Three – Prepare for your first consultation! 

Once you have narrowed it down to a few doctors, it’s time to meet the first one and visit their clinic in person.  

Use this time to discuss some of your queries about circumcision with the doctor. Such as the recovery period, risks v/s benefits and gauging if you overall feel comfortable around them. 

Some questions to ask your circumcision doctor: 

  1. Can you explain the procedure step-by-step to me? And how do you ensure that it will be minimally invasive and minimal discomfort? 
  1. How long will I need for recovery? And when can I return to work? Is there any post-operative care that I must know about? 
  1. What will be the total costs associated with my circumcision? What are some of the additional costs? 
  1.  What kind of anesthesia will be used? 

This is also a good opportunity to ensure that the clinic is clean, equipped and well-maintained to the expected standard.  

This final step should give you a good idea about whether or not you want to proceed with this doctor. If so, you are well on your way to getting circumcised. 

If not, you can organise a consultation with another doctor from your shortlisted names. However, it’s worth taking note of what you felt was amiss in your first consultation so you can be sure to ask/look for it in the following consultations with other circumcision doctors.  

Adult Circumcision at Circumcision Vasectomy Australia 

At Circumcision Vasectomy Australia, we provide the best quality and expert specialised services for adult men seeking circumcision and vasectomy procedures. 

Our procedures are not only innovative and safe, but they also provide the best cosmetic outcomes. We will complete the procedure pain-free and awake for you, you can even drive yourself home from our clinic after it’s done.  

To book your first appointment, get in touch with us today.