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Male circumcision is the removal of excess skin that covers the head of the penis. It is estimated that three billion males are circumcised globally. Male circumcision is performed for three main reasons: medical, religious and as a preventative health measure.

  1. Reduced risk of urinary tract infections in childhood.
  2. Reduced risk of ulcerative sexually transmitted disease in adulthood.
  3. Protection against penile cancer.
  4. Prevention of inflammation of the penile foreskin.
  5. Reduces an individual man’s risk of acquiring HIV infection by up to 60%.

This is a very personal question and can only be answered by an individual. The decision should be made by the man who is having the circumcision or the parent of the child. The decision should be based on evidence based information, personal preference, religious and cultural beliefs.  

Dr. Abdalla completes male circumcision for infants that are less than 12months old.

Whilst it is possible to complete circumcision in boys older than 12 months of age we sincerely believe boys older than 12 months should have a circumcision under general anaesthetic (whilst asleep). 

  1. Blanket.
  2. x2 Nappy.
  3. Dummy or pacifier.
  4. Bottle of milk if the child is not breastfed.
  5. Betadine ointment

We complete our circumcisions with a dorsal penile nerve block. This essentially puts the pain nerve fibres to sleep for 1 hour ensuring your son feels no pain during the circumcision.

Your son will experience minimal discomfort when we inject the penile nerve fibres with local aneasthetic. 

Care for the wound is simple. We provide all our patients access to our 24 hour hotline to address any concerns. 

Please click on our Care Post Circumcision page for details on aftercare.

The consultation takes 30 minutes.

The circumcision procedure takes 20 minutes.

We will keep you an additional 30 minutes post circumcision to ensure your child is happy & comfortable.

In total expect to be with us at least 1 hour and 20 minutes.

This depends on whether you have access to Medicare.

For Medicare card holders

  • $290.00 out of pocket

Non Medicare card holders

  • $590.85

No referral required.

Minimal discomfort

24hr aftercare